The Little Foxes That Spoil the Vine – Part 3

The Control of Weeds
The keeper of the vineyard also has to keep a watchful eye for those weeds, thistles, nettles, briars, and scrub trees that will exploit his soil.  These kinds of things take the plant food and the water and consume them at the expense of the vines.  All of these things have to be entirely removed from the vineyard or else.  Cultivation is the most effective way to accomplish this as it stirs the soil and shaves off the roots just below the surface of the ground.  Cultivation also works as a deterrent against various forms of fungus and bacteria that will deform the vines.
In the parable of the soils, we are told that some of the seed fell to the ground among the thorns (Mark 4:7, 18-19).  We are told that the thorns are the cares of this world.  It is those worries about secular things instead of the sacred things.  Some of the cares of this life are the necessary things that relate to our survival on the earth.  Food, clothing, work and other matters are involved in these things.  We have certain responsibilities that are given to us and really at their core they could be considered gifts from God.  Food, clothing, and even work are gifts of God that He has given to us to help us to function in life.  However the great deception from the devil is for us to turn those gifts into idols.  They become idols to us when they are all consuming to the extent that God is entirely squeezed out of the picture in our material pursuits of them.  This is when the weeds will begin to rage out of control. 

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